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   Combat Techniques of Taiji, Xing Yi, and Bagua. This is a BIG book at 375 pgs.  The Author Lu Sheng Li  gives us an In-depth look into the Applications and fighting aspects of the three internal arts. over 500 illustrations and photographs. Much history, post standing and fa jin (explosive) force. He shows how to use these techniques and what not to do.

Taijiquan in 88 forms. Compiled by Victor Wu. 233 pgs. Many photographs showing this form. This is the official 88 traditional form, from the Yang
style branch of Tai Chi. A push-hands section is included. The book is in both Chinese and English. A very good form to learn if you are a Yang style practitioner. 

      Yang Cheng Fu. 2005.
      Louis Swaim.
   The first publication of this book was in 1923 by GM Yang. Contains much history of the Yang School, application throughout, Forms and postures, advanced students can appreciate as well. Large Clear photographs. One of the best on Yang style Tai Chi chuan.

Eight Trigram Swimming Body Palm.
Wang Shu Jin is the Author and needs no introduction. Marcus Brinkman is the translator. 129 pgs. A book from the 1950's, it has many old photographs showing the form. Included is the 8 Character poems, the Shape of the palms, standing, Many principles that only Wang Shu Jin could give Justice to. A bio of the Founder of Bagua Zhang, Dong Hai Chuan. This is a serious book on Bagua and should be on your shelf if you train Bagua. Thank you for looking.

  Wushu Among Chinese Moslems.
  In my opinion one of the best books out there on Chinese Wu Shu.1984 First ed.  Qing, Yuan, and Ming Dynasty notes on Wushu. Famous master Wang Ziping is presented in the forefront. Zha style boxing, Tan tui,Longfist, and health notes. applications a plenty.

Yang Style Taijiquan, By Yang Zhen Dou
  Published by Morning Glory Publishers, this is the third edition. A Classic book about the history of the Yang school, correct forms versus incorrect forms. Illustrations throughout. Applications Yang Zhen Dou is the great grandson of the great Yang Luchan and is one of Grand Master Yang ChengFu. The Author: " Taijiquan is a Martial Art and is for attack and defense, this should not be forgotten."

Chen Wei Ming, Barbara Davis, 2000.
 Taiji Sword. Notes in front, Great intro. Tai Chi Sword, Postures in detail of form, stories of famous past masters. Much history. Calligraphy included. Great book, one of my favorites.


KM013 The Major Methods of  WuDang Sword major methods of wudang sword.
by Huang Yuan Xiou
Translated by Dr. Lu Mei-hui with commentary by Chang Wu Na

Written by a student of the famous sword master Li Jing Lin, this is a historic document on the use of the sword. All the methods of the sword are described with a single accompanying picture. The original text, though a valuable historic document, is very light on actual information with, for instance, the two person set described with no accompanying pictures. Coming as it did from the teachings of Li Jing Lin this is a major source of information.
 Almost half the book is commentary added by Chang Wu Na to the texts and, while some of it does indeed clarify, much of it is explained. All this raises an interesting point: though the period in which this book was written was one of the high points in history for recording information on Chinese martial arts, we are right now living in the Golden Age of this venture.

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