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Blue Snake Books, 2008. South District Beijing's strongly Rooted Style. Foundation practices,vol 1.
Cheng TIng Hua and the development of Cheng style Bagua Zhang.   Liu Shui Bagua and Zhuang Gong Bagua Zhang. Principles and circle walk, first and second palm. the Twenty four movements of the eight animals. Too much material to list here.232 Pages.

Ma Yueh-Liang is a legend in Chinese martial arts. This book "Push-Hands" shows many photographs of the Master himself demonstrating. "The Mechanical fundamentals of Tuishou, "the four kinetic movements" also the History of GM Wu Chian-Chuan. Shanghai book co. second ed. 1990

Hsing-I. Robert Smith. 2003

Name and history, primary requirements. the Five elements in photographs, the twelve animal modes.
The linking form in good detail. advice from Masters, consecutive stepping, and the function, all with plenty of photo's. A classic that deserves to be in your library.

Chinese Fast Wrestling for Fighting.1997.
Written by Liang, Shou-Yu and Tai D. Ngo.
This book's focus is on the San shou Kuai Jiao or shuai Jiao Chinese wrestling. Free fighting and self-defense to the max. Throw, takedowns, and Groundfighting. A must have to understand better the "other" side of Chinese wushu. Groundfighting and Chi na could go hand in hand. Hundreds of photographs. nice introductions and history as well.

   Xing Yi Quan Xue. The Study of Form-Mind Boxing. Sun Lu Tang. 2000 First. Ed.
This author needs no Introduction. A very interesting history of GM Sun, Proving today's standard of XIng Yi can't hold water compared to the Xing YI of yesterday. The five element fists, the animal forms, The creative and destructive fists partner ex. Zha shi chui form. Everything you need to improve your Wushu Career.

$40.00                                                                                                      This book, Sun's style Tai Chi Chuan written by Grand Master Sun Lu Tang's daughter, Master Sun Jian Yun, who studied for over 70 years!  The Co-Author is Master  Paul F.N. Tam. This book features Sun style's Major Points and history ; Applications and Form. There is many color  photographs in the front of Sun Jian Yun giving demonstrations. Also is a biography of Grandmaster Sun Jian Yun , Who was  an  accomplished Chinese Painter as well as a great Martial artist.  A Must have for Sun Stylist and Tai Chi Practitioners alike.

  Liu Bin's Zhuang Gong Bagua Zhang.Vol 2. South District Beijing's Rooted style. 2012.  History of past masters. 8 variations of the single palm change, the eight Mother Palms. Lian Huan Jian Sword. and the "coiling dragon Long staff. Despite the critics, this is a well written and wonderful read.

        Daniel Weng Ph.D. A Renowned Shuai Jiao Champion in Tawain. This is not surprising his teacher, Chang Tung Shen, the "Butterfly King." from the old School was a true master of this art. This is a modified Short form, with throws, Self-defense tech, and postures with many applications. Worth the Price, you won't be dissapointed.
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