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Welcome to the Dayou kung fu Website.  I am a student  of the Shang Wu Chinese Kung fu Association. ( Begun in 2002 By Master Shang Gao, His School has grown very much through out the St.louis area.  First, a little background on our teacher.   Shang Gao was born in Tian Jin in 1968 and  has been studying Chinese Martial arts since the 1978,  Shang  is a certified  6th duan senior Coach of Chinese Wushu. He started studying Chang quan in 1981, and then went on to study Baji quan ,Qiang style. Since 1983, Master Shang Gao also learned and practiced Pi Gua, Tong Bei, Shaolin, Tan Tui, Xingyi quan, Taiji,Bagua and Qigong.  He has won many Gold medals in Baji quan and has studied Wu style,Huo style and Xiao Baji quan as well.   after meeting Master Gao in 2002, I took a great interest in Chinese Martial arts.
      studying  Chinese martial arts with Master Gao since 2005. Starting with Chang Quan and Tan tui, I found I like Taijiquan, and Xingyiquan much more. It has been a great experience studying with Mr. Gao, he is a kind and patient teacher,but never compromises the details of Kung fu. 
We've chosen these books carefully and find them accurate and informative. There are so many good books out there, If you have any suggestions please drop me a line.  Finally, If you are near ST.Louis, please come and study with us. We will be posting a bibliography of our book collection shortly.  My Chinese friends and I have attempted to translate  a couple  of short Chinese Martial arts books for fun. have a look around, and  thanks  for stopping by.   Just Click on the links above, the top of each page to navigate your way through the site.

    Good luck to everyone in your training  
Also Tai Chi and Xingyi quan lessons, Call for available times, see contact me page NEW BOOKS FOR SALE!  TAIJI, BAGUA, AND QIGONG. Stop in and have a  look around
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All of my Rare Books are now for sale . Most of these books I've never seen anywhere else. Go to Rare books page for details.
  International buyers Welcome. These Books will require Shipping Insurance



New essay: Cao Jiwu and the Taiping Rebellion 10-2-2016

NOTE: Taiji and Xing Yi Friends Come and Study with me!  7200 Jamieson rd. park entrance off of Hampton, we will be meeting at the fist pavillion on the right at 11:30 am. THIS CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!  Thank you.
   Should be a good class. Sunday's at 11:30  Relaxation on Taiji and Xing yi is the key here. low impact training. Welcome to anyone. beginners are
 also very encouraged to attend. Just bring a smile, loose fitting sweat pant and flat soled shoes.





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