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Dacheng Kung fu. The Truth of Chinese Martial Arts.  written by Wang Xuan Jie a superior student of the Late Wang Xiang Zhai. The Shanghai Book Co. 1989 Harback edition.
This book focuses on the the founder of Dacheng Kung fu  Grandmaster Wang Xiang Zhai.
Arguing the superior fighting style of Dacheng Kung fu, this book contains controversial lectures on Dacheng Quan's "Superior" style of Fighting. Standing postures and general form is given. Many photographs within. Buy this book if you would like a well rounded back ground in Kung fu. Yi quan is Dacheng Quan older Brother,later changed by the author to showcase its internal fighting style.

TaiChiChuan: Theory and Practice. By Paul F. Tam
 This is a BIG heavy book. A rare look and Grandmaster Gu Ru Zhang and Sun Lu Tang. This style of Tai Chi is not common and fuses Yang style with Sun style, performed much like Traditional Yang style. A very interesting book that includes a large Lineage chart.. expensive, because I haven't found a better source, and the economy just sucks right now.

Tu-Ky Lam 2007 First Ed.
The complete History of Chen Branch of Tai Chi Chuan. The standing practice of Yi quan, Taiji quan, and Xingyiquan. How Jing and Qi circulate. how to increase internal force, the power of  Yi Quan, and much much more. an in-depth look into Tai chi.


Hara: The Vital Center of Man. The Author is Karlfried Graf   Durckheim. (thats a mouthful) 203 pgs. This book is a great contribution to mankind in general. The focus is on the Dan Tien or center of man. It is a spiritual book with a touch of Zen wisdom. A book about being a human being and the spiritual side. Also Breathing tech, Posture tech. Worthy of Admiration and one of the best books on discovering yourself.

 Kaoshou Fanziquan. Only a few to sell. This is a fascinating look into one man's journey to Kung fu Mastery. Author Wen Jingming. Hai Feng publishing, 1990 First. History of Fazi quan. The posture breakdown and applications done with cuffed hands. you never know when that could come in handy. a classic and rare book. perfect for collectors as well.


Form and Will Boxing."One of the Big three Internal Chinese body Boxing styles." written by Lin Jianhua and published by Sugawara Martial arts.1995
Of course this covers the Five element fist and breaks them down describing each fist and its applications. The 12 animal styles are also shown. One point of interest is a rather advanced form that I believe my Sifu taught me called "shi er Heung Chuan" or Twelve earth fist. These forms are accurate,but  I also believe thier are slight differences the way you may perform them; basically they are  the same. Every Master has slight differences in the way he teaches forms. At any rate, You will enjoy this book. Also the author is not from the mainland, he is a Taiwan practitioner of Xing Yi Quan.

The Xingyi Quan of the Chinese Army.
If your into Xing Yi Quan then this is for you!
The Author Dennis Rovere, trained at the Central Military Academy in Nanjing. The five fist, Linking fist form, bayonet training, and sabre discussion.
This is a 2008 edition, 144 pgs. check it out.

The Secrets of Chinese Meditation.
Lu K'uan Yu (Charles Luk)
Very Interesting book on the Various Styles of Chinese meditation. Practice and detailed suggestions on Meditation. Controlling Breath, Taoist Yoga, Calming the mind. You choose the way to your chosen path. Ancient and Classic text are the sources of this book. Charles Luk is the best at interpreting  Chinese meditation Practices. All different forms of Qigong described. Don't miss this one!

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