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   This is our Grandmaster's only book in English. Spanning "four generations of family Taijiquan." This book is a collectors piece for Taiji stylists.  Li Deyin is one of China's  most widely known Teachers , named one of China's top 100 Martial arts Masters.  
    Grandmaster Li was born in 1938, at the age of eight he began studying Shaolin, xingyiquan and Baguazhang, and Wudang Sword. He is a master of Wu style, Chen style, Yang and of Coarse Sun's style Taijiquan.  Master Li also graduated in 1961 with a degree in Business Management.  This book "Taijiquan" covers the 81 step taijiquan, the simplidied 24 step taijiquan, 42 step taijiquan (Master Li created), 42 step taijijian and the 32 step taijijian; demonstrated by his daughter Faye Yip.
   Much history is given about Master Li's  family, such as Li Yulin and Li Tianji , tips for beginners, key points and the health benefits of Taijiquan. Li Deyin , with a propensity for every detail, demonstrates Taiji quan 42 and has said that " Taiji without Jing,Qi and Shen is like a poem without rhythm or emotion!"   I was fortunate enough to have studied with Grandmaster Li in 2007, and recieved certification and ranking.  To say this  book is a great contribution to the martial arts is an  understatement.
   Published in 2004  Foreign Language Press, Soft cover 402 p

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