Dayou Books


The Joseph Crandell Translations.  This author has very nicely  translated these texts into English.  These texts are translated very well offering the reader with a wealth of information on each style of Xingyiquan.  These books should not be missed if you have studied Xingyi.

Henan Orthadox Xingyi Quan, The less known of the Xingyi styles. Also called the Muslim style or Xin yi. This book was written by Pei Xirong and Li Ying'ang. Many illustration and forms are given about this unique style, also the animal modes are shown.  Very intersting notes about Master Li Luoneng and Guo Yunshen. Just a fantastic  book on a rare style of Liu he quan.

Xingyi Mu Quan. Writtien by Jiang Rongqiao on 1930. This text presents the history of Xingyiquan from the northern and southern styles. the Mother Fists form, which is broken down in Chapters. The "Soul of Xingyiquan" Many notes about the Masters. 120 pgs 2nd edition,  2002 and worth every penny.
Xingyi Za Shi Chui and The Ba Shi Quan, These are two traditional long forms in Xingyi. Another Text written by Jiang Rongqiao,  The Author's preface, a fascinating biography of Zhang Zhaodong, history notes and the Ba shih quan form and Za Shi Quan form, broken down into clear and easy to learn photos and Diagrams. Jiang Rongqiao was a famous Disciple of Li Jinglin and a very accomplished Writer of Chinese Martial arts.
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